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Big Ideas usually require intense innovation and disruptive thinking.

Our teams have been especially equipped with program managers, senior developers and advanced software engineers that are insightful and can lead our clients through their toughest challenges.


.NET is the foundation of the Application Platform by Microsoft. It is the cornerstone for the development of windows, web, mobile, embedded, cloud-based, smart client and service-oriented applications. Boosters is a leading name in offering powerful and secure development solutions using the .NET platform. The abilities of our highly skilled and proficient development team speak for themselves, and are very well admired and applauded by our clients.

  • Calculated deliverable’s with robust agile practices.
  • Accelerated development with ready-to-integrate and reusable frameworks, and best practices.
  • Expertise with the complete Microsoft Application Development Platform over Azure Cloud.
  • Strong technical competence on Microsoft .NET coding standards.


Boosters has successfully developed and deployed applications of all size and scale from startups to large scaled enterprises using the PHP/MySQL platform. PHP being Open Source, is a hugely popular and cost effective platform for developing websites, portals or web applications of any scale and size on Windows or Linux platform.
Frameworks/ Libraries that we work on:

  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Laravel
  • Zend
  • Symfony


Ajax is the acronym of asynchronous JavaScript & XML. It is an amalgamation of several languages and technologies. The unique language combination of Ajax technology is capable of creating user-friendly and interactive web applications.

At Boosters, we make sure our clients are ahead of their competition by developing creative, interactive and user-friendly Ajax based solution for them.

  • Interactive Web Interfaces
  • Data Intensive Web App Development
  • Enterprise CRM Solutions
  • Web Portal Development
  • Rich Internet Applications Development


Node.js is a prominent cross-platform runtime environment used for development of highly scalable server-side web applications. Being open-source and with a lightweight runtime, it helps in the rapid application development, deployment and operations. Our advanced knowledge of Node.js software development strategies means our Node.js consulting and development services consistently exceed expectations.

  • Expert Node.js developers
  • Comprehensive scalability
  • Extensive quality assurance
  • Event-driven app programming

Angular JS

AngularJS incorporates a toolset for building the framework that suites the best to your app development. It works smoothly with the other libraries, and is totally expandable. Boosters has a continued and sustained experience in bringing out the best solutions and services for this amazing open source web app framework.

  • AngularJS development services at Intelegain are scalable, lightweight, provide an amazing user experience.
  • With this technology expertise, our Angular developers can extend the HTML vocabulary to show real-time interactive events using data.
  • Angular development has empowered us to bring out some of the most amazing features of dynamic views in web applications.
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